Maintaining A Healthy Work-Life Balance

Sometimes you just have to acknowledge when you’re doing too much.

Hi, I’m Whylan, and I admit that for the past few months I have been doing far too much. Sometimes we can become so consumed in the things we have going on, that we don’t even realize the amount of wear and tear it can cause on our bodies. What I’m learning is having a healthy balance in life will help you to be more effective in all of your day-to-day interactions. 

Moment of Truth 

 I am not ashamed to say I have not been able to successfully find balance between my work, social and dance life. I’m a person that loves to do it all, and will honestly push myself to do it, even when I don’t necessarily have the time to. I’m teaching more classes throughout the week, while still trying to train, I work a 7-3 job (6-6 on Tues/Thurs), I’m creating gigs and visuals on the weekly basis, and I am trying to squeeze in time with friends and family with whatever time is left. I keep telling myself that hard work will pay off, but the truth is, it won’t unless I find the balance to manage it all. So as you read this blog, understand I am writing it from an authentic, yet vulnerable place to help both you and me.


Why It's Important to Find Balance

You will reach a point of burnout sooner than you hope 

We’ve all experienced burnout to the point where we are just COMPLETELY OVER it. I am not the type to quit or give up, so I know it’s a problem when I find myself saying things like, “I don’t want to do this”, or “I should’ve never started”. I am so passionate about my craft that I don’t even realize when I’m driving myself to reach burnout. We have to self- assess to see what changes need to be made to alleviate those negative thoughts. 

You will experience extreme stress and anxiety 

If I told you the number of times I’ve cried from being stressed in the past month alone, you wouldn’t believe me. I also experience extreme anxiety on the regular basis, but it has intensified in recent weeks, which is what inspired this blog post. Stress related panic attacks are not a part of the job; they SHOULD NOT occur frequently, and if they are, it means it’s time to realign. This is called identifying the problem and finding a solution here. The only solution that I have is to find the appropriate balance. 

Fatigue is not fun 

I’m literally tired before I even wake up. I’m averaging like 4 hours of sleep a night, which I’m used to, so I don’t see it as a problem. The truth is, it is a problem. Our body needs rest, especially if you are extremely physical the way I am. When you get the right amount of rest, you’re able to get more done because you have more energy, more focus, and your mind is able to navigate without any barriers.

It levels you out 

One of the things that keeps me sane, is when I can disconnect from work a bit to hang out with friends or family. When I have too much on my plate, I can’t even enjoy the time I spend with them, so I try to really detach myself from anything work related to make sure I am just living in the moment. When I do this, I am able to say “I wish I could do this more often”, and the reality is I can. Again, I just have to plan accordingly and make sure the balance is evenly distributed.

  1. Create a “To-Do” list and Daily reminders – I LIVE BY A TO DO LIST. It’s something about marking things off of the list and tracking your progress that just feels good. I have my most productive days when I start them with my written to do lists. You can also utilize labeled alarms and daily reminders to help you finish your daily tasks. 
  2. Learn to say “ No” sometimes – When you think you can do it all you find yourself saying “yes” before you even really process what your schedule already looks like. You’ll miss some events, some functions, some performances, some classes, etc…..and that’s completely fine. It’s worth your health! Say no if your schedule doesn’t allow it.
  3. USE your planner – I struggle with this. I only jot down the important events on my calendar, but it’s far more effective to put ALL dates in there for clarity purposes. This is what will allow you to have a clear overview on your schedule, and you’ll be able to plan more effectively. 
  4. Ask for help – I love to think that I can do it all by myself, but I learned quickly that asking for help is inevitable. It’s ok to allow those that are willing to help make your life easier to do just that.
  5. Create boundaries for yourself -This is simple! You have to be honest with yourself when you are feeling overwhelmed. Moving forward, I’ll be certain that my schedule allows sleep, self-care and time to simply just relax.

I’m looking forward to a smoother transition as I apply these tips to my life. So far, things have been hard to balance, but I know that it doesn’t have to be. Once you know better, you do better. Whether you’re balancing school, parenthood, hobbies, or relationships, you still must be sure to take care of yourself in the process.

Self-care is, fundamentally, about bringing balance back to a life that has grown imbalanced from too many commitments or responsibilities.

Robyn L. Gobin, The self-care prescription

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